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Three million Samsung Galaxy S II units already requested by carriers worldwide

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Three million Samsung Galaxy S II units already requested by carriers worldwide

Post  Admin on Mon May 09, 2011 6:36 am

The Samsung Galaxy S II is hot on everyone's mind and for all the right reasons - it is thin, fast, with innovative display, and a top-notch camera that captures smooth Full HD video.

It just seems that carriers worldwide agree with that assessment, since word broke out they have preordered about 3 million units of the good stuff already. Samsung says this is one of the highest preorder numbers they've had for shipping to carriers, and that is equally as impressive, considering how many cheap feature phones the company sometimes spits out.

We undoubtedly have to thank the marketing effort behind its predecessor - the Samsung Galaxy S - which was launched in 120 countries on 140 carriers as well, trailblazing the path to stardom for the Samsung Galaxy S II. Of course, three million is the number that will be shipped to carriers - how many of those will be bought by end clients remains to be seen, but observing the excitement that the handset generates, we wouldn't doubt Samsung's goal to sell at least 10 million Galaxy S II phones by year-end.

We sincerely hope some of these three millions units have been requested by the big four (soon to be big three) US carriers, so that we can have the most compelling Android handset this season, and maybe even until the holidays, as soon as possible. So, Sammy, please stop sending the Galaxy S II to Mt. Everest, and hurry up with the good ol' ground shipping!


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