Sennheiser BA150 Battery

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Sennheiser BA150 Battery

Post  Lisi on Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:44 pm

Part Number: BA150
Voltage: 2.4V
Capacity: 60mAh
Replacement for:SET- 20, SET- 820S, SET- 810, SET- 810S, SET- 250, SET- 250J, A200, RI250, RI250-J, RI250S, HDI302, A200, RS-30, RS-40, RS-45, RS-65, RA-85, R150, IS 150, IS 300, Set 500, IS 380, SET- 2500, RS-4, RS-6, RS-8, RS-400, RS-60, RS-65, RS-80, RS-85, RS-2400, HDI 302


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